WWF King Of The Ring Championship (1995)

The King of the Ring has seen some legendary victors since its inception way back in 1985. From Harley Race to Randy Savage, the coveted crown was an accomplished accolade by the time it made its way to PPV in 1993. From there, the title of “King” was held by legendary athletes like Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Steve Austin, Triple H and Kurt Angle.

Nevertheless, of all the wrestlers to win the tournament… Mabel was definitely one of them.

Defeating Savio Vega in the finals, the gargantuan behemoth sat on the throne as winner of the 1995 King of the Ring. While the show was panned as one of the worst PPVs in company history, there was no escaping the fact that Mabel was the WWF’s newest monstrous monarch.

To mark the occasion, Mabel (AKA Viscera/Big Daddy V) asked his close friend and legendary belt maker, Reggie Parks, to create a championship for him personally. Shortly thereafter, the King of the Ring Championship was born.

Conspicuous by its absence on this belt is the WWF logo, while some of the flags also seem a little off. The belt never appeared on WWF TV; however, Mabel would use the title on the independent circuit and made a few appearances with it during his run in Memphis after the fact.



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