WWE Intercontinental Championship v1 Prototype (2011)

The Intercontinental Championship has taken a number of forms since its inception in 1979; however, it’s perhaps most memorable in its Attitude Era guise or the “classic” form that has been used once again ever since Cody Rhodes unveiled the revived version at Hell in a Cell 2011.

Nevertheless, there was also a prototype version made around the same time. Created by Wildcat Championship Belts as a test piece, the modified version sits somewhere in between the classic title and the Attitude Era version and was created solely as an example of the quality of craft at Wildcat.

The concept piece does feature a noticeable number of large WWE scratch logos, which seems a little excessive, yet this would have likely been done to show placement options. The overall design is a decent attempt at revamping the belt under a completely new look. It was a creative effort by Wildcat, who also designed the belt themselves.

Regardless of the new-look prototype, the classic version of the belt held by luminaries such as Randy Savage, Bret Hart, and Steve Austin returned in 2011. The vintage design with the white strap is arguably as good as it gets. Wildcat has since gone on to provide countless championships for WWE, as well as TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling.