WWE Undertaker Legacy Title (2019)

Meticulous Design & Detail…main plate
The intricate design of the main plate bears the Undertaker’s signature logo along with the with the date of his Survivor Series TV debut on November 22, 1990

Limited Edition of 500…
Only 500 of these Limited Edition titles have been individually laser-engraved with a unique number, making it a must-have for collectors, and all of the Creatures of the Night!

A Legacy Like No Other…
Throughout the title, the enduring legacy of the Undertaker is showcased through his numerous nicknames as well as a symbolic representation of his WrestleMania victories to date with 24 amethyst-hue brilliant rhinestone gems. A beautifully crafted paisley design embossed with black velvet is featured on this grade-A synthetic leather strap.

Rest in Peace…
Rest easy knowing this one of a kind title comes in a vintage casket-shaped case. Decorated with Undertaker’s logo on the outside and a plush purple velvet interior, it’s perfect for displaying

Casket Specifications

  • 31.5”x 16.5”x 6.7”
  • Medium-density fiberboard with black lacquer finish & brass finished hardware
  • Purple velvet molded interior
  • Weight: 12.79 lbs.

Title Specifications

  • Limited edition. Each buckle has been individually numbered up to 500
  • Title numbering will be shipped out randomly and we cannot accomodate special number requests
  • Zinc Alloy plate with epoxy and rhinestones
  • Grade A synthetic leather strap front with embossed black velvet
  • Embossed purple velvet back
  • Strap: 51″x10.75″ with 6mm thickness
  • Main plate: 9.25″x10″ with 5mm thickness
  • Side plates: 4.5″x4.5″
  • Urn plate: 3.5″x2″
  • Weight:5.18lbs
  • Made in China.