WWF Championship Hulk Hogan (Mystery Belt) (1986)

During Hulk Hogan’s industry-changing first run as WWF Champion from January 1984 to February 1988, ‘The Hulkster’ held a number of different versions of the WWF Championship belt.

After defeating Iron Shiek for the original green leather belt in 1984, Hogan began wearing a newly-designed championship in 1985, which is the one worn at the first WrestleMania. This was then followed by the larger title worn exclusively by Hulk from ’86 to ’88, after which, the championship changed to the “Winged Eagle” we all know and love.

However, for the span of about a week in October 1986, Hulk also wore another version of the WWF Championship. One of the rarest belts in WWE history, the little-known “mystery belt” looks completely different to any other WWF Title ever made. The championship itself is very unique for a WWE title belt. The vertical orientation of the oval central plate is more reminiscent of the WCW Six Man Championship, or the ROH TV Championship today.

What’s more, the inclusion of Hogan’s picture in the middle makes it all the more personalised, likely included as throwback and an alternative method of personalising the belt. Only a select few WWE belts have ever included a photo of the wearer, notably The Fabulous Moolah’s Women’s Championship and Buddy Rogers’ original WWWF Championship belt.



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