1983 Wrestling All Stars

1 “Superstar” Graham [front] [back]
2 Tiger Mask [front] [back]
3 Sheik El Kaissey [front] [back]
4 Sgt. Jacques Goulet [front] [back]
5 Curt Hennig [front] [back]
6 Tully Blanchard [front] [back]
7 Jimmy Snuka [front] [back]
8 Gino Hernandez [front] [back]
9 Lou Thesz [front] [back]
10 Hacksaw Jim Duggan [front] [back]
11 Mr. Olympia [front] [back]
12 Iron Mike Sharpe [front] [back]
13 Jimmy Hart [front] [back]
14 Spike Huber [front] [back]
15 Steve Regal [front] [back]
16 Buddy Rogers [front] [back]
17 Jules Strongbow [front] [back]
18 Salvatore Bellomo [front] [back]
19 Bob Sweetan [front] [back]
20 Scott Casey [front] [back]
21 The Grappler [front] [back]
22 Big John Studd [front] [back]
23 Buddy Rose [front] [back]
24 Rocky Johnson [front] [back]
25 Jake Roberts [front] [back]
26 The Super Destroyer [front] [back]
27 Antonio Inoki [front] [back]
28 Dick Slater [front] [back]
29 Ken Lucas [front] [back]
30 Ricky Morton [front] [back]
31 Fred Blassie [front] [back]
32 Lou Albano [front] [back]
33 The Grand Wizard [front] [back]
34 Candi Divine [front] [back]
35 Austin Idol [front] [back]
36 Matt Borne [front] [back]


Pictures courtesy David Peck.


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