Take a trip down memory road. Remember when wrestling was cool.

How old were you when Hulk Hogan was on Saturday Nights Main Event?

Didn't you wish you could pick up slam Andre the Giant?

How come you didn't attend the wedding of Randy Savage & Elizabeth?

Here are some of my favorite toys of wrestling past:

Video & Handheld games, Wrestling Championship belts,

Wrestling Trading Cards & those funky watches.

Relive those childhood memories.

I might not know who your favorite wrestler is or favorite match is, but I do how to show a little bit of wrestlings past from my perspective with all the championship belts, video games and trading cards I enjoyed from many years ago.

Did your hands ever hurt from playing video games so much? Mine did. What was your favorite video game to play on your old system? Did you have one of the portable game machines?

I love that belt that Ricky Steamboat had when he defeated Macho Man Randy Savage at Wrestlemania III. Didn't the WWF Intercontinental Championship have a red WWF logo at that time?

Remember your favorite wrestler as kid. Remember when you got your first trading card and you did want to let go it. This is a checklist of all those cards from years ago.

I wish I had that Tiger WWF watch when I was a kid. You could playing wrestling on watch at school. You can find a bunch of other wrestling themed watches in this section.